Explore Antarctica onboard MS Roald Amundsen

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Launching 2018

Discover Antarctica, Patagonia & the Chilean Fjords

19/20 days
from $13150*pp

Experience the wonder of Antarctica and the Chilean fjords as we encounter rich wildlife and visit one of the most scenic national parks in the world. Enjoy spending time ashore, kayaking, hiking and close encounters with penguins, birds and seals.

Departures: 23 October 2018 | 07 March 2019

Explore Antarctica, the Falklands and the Chilean Fjords

18 days
from $11255*pp

Travel in harmony with the elements to the White Continent. En route, you will experience the wild natural wonders of the Chilean fjords. Once in Antarctica, the sight of mighty glaciers calving into the ocean, flocks of penguins and whales in the icy seas will create indelible memories.

Departures: 09 November 2018 | 25 November 2018 | 11 December 2018 | 27 December 2018

Antarctica, the Polar Circle & Beyond

20 days
from $12005*pp

Antarctica is unlike anything you have ever experienced! The landscape is as awe-inspiring and untouched as the day that man first set foot here. On this expedition, we will attempt to cross the Antarctic Circle at 66°33′46.3″ S and explore even further south. This is an adventure that few others can claim!

Departures: 12 January 2019 | 30 January 2019 | 17 February 2019

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