Walking Tour of Japan: Introduction to the Basho Trail

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20 days | 29 September 2019

20 days | 29 September 2019
Escorted from Tokyo by Tamami Bullock

Walk in the footsteps of Basho, one of Japan’s most famous poets, widely believed to be history’s most accomplished haiku poet. He spent his days journeying off the beaten track through the Japanese countryside seeking inspiration for his art.

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Tour Highlights include:

  • We follow the “Oku no Hosomichi” (the Narrow Road to the Deep North) for the majority of this tour.
  • Enjoy a traditional Japanese Homestay in Myoko, where you will meet the locals and learn about the local way of life.
  • Explore the Japanese countryside by train and by foot, as you walk the path less travelled and learn about Japan’s history.
  • Discover the mountains and coastline of traditional Japan.
  • Experience the spirit of regional Japan on this incredible walking tour, following in the footsteps of the famous Haiku poet, Basho.
  • Sample a variety of local sake while onboard a specialty themed sake train from Niigata to Myoko.

Download the full itinerary here

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