Rose Hurle

Hobart • Travel Specialist

Year started in travel

What interests you about travel?
I like to see what each country has to offer and see it’s attractions, especially natural wonders. I also love to be able to experience something new and especially something I can’t experience in Australia like paragliding in the Swiss Alps or swimming at Pipeline in Hawaii.
I love booking holidays for my clients because I get to see how excited they are for their holiday when they can finally experience their dream trip.

What is your favourite destination?
I love anywhere the sun is shining and the beach is involved! But for something quite different to what I am drawn to I really like Switzerland, being a land locked country I thought it was incredibly beautiful, clean and safe. The mountains were absolutely spectacular and the beautiful blue lakes were just like a postcard picture!

I have travelled to….
Europe, Hawaii, Bali, Thailand, Vietnam & Cambodia.

Favourite travel tip?
Try everything you can, I like to travel to new places when I have the opportunity to travel, so I like to make the most of each destination whilst I’m there. And if your an over-packer or a shopper roll your clothes, you’ll fit so much more in your suitcase!

What’s your dream destination?
Africa, one day I’m going to see the amazing animals in the wild and experience a completely different culture and atmosphere to our own.