Rosie Reed

Hobart • Administration

Year started in travel

First country you visited
Hong Kong

Areas of expertise

Most memorable travel experience
Being at the farewell concert of the Why Not? band on Koh Lanta, after they had been playing every night together in the same place for 10 years. This tiny little Thai rock’n’roll bar was packed to the point of overflowing onto the beach where there were fire-twirlers and fantastic dancers! The energy that night couldn’t be replicated by even the most famous of bands — it was the end of an era for that tiny little place on the edge of the earth.

Next destination on your wish list
Cuba – to cruise by the Caribbean in a Cadillac during the day and dance all night to the Buena Vista Social Club!
Or a tour of Japan, taking in all the amazing food, experiencing a traditional tea ceremony, making my way to fame on a Japanese game show and making my way back through all the best snow spots!