Recent Destinations

In Pursuit of the Northern Lights

In Pursuit of the Northern Lights 2019

Cathi had the absolute please of escorting a fantastic group of travellers to Norway in January 2019 to see the Northern Lights and experience the Sami culture. Click here to read all about their trip!

Secrets of Italy

Secrets of Italy 2017

Cathi recently escorted a group of travellers to discover the Secrets of Italy. Click here to read more!

Northern Lights

Northern Lights_Recent destinations

Cathi recently travelled to Norway and Sweden in the hope of witnessing the incredible Northern Lights. Click here to read more!

Lord Howe Island

Kay had the pleasure of escorting some our lovely Travelling Ladies to Lord Howe Island in March. Read about this amazing destination here!

Italy & Croatia

Cathi has recently returned from escorting a great group of people, discovering the Secrets of Italy and Croatia. Read the highlights of their experience here.

Madrid & Portugal

Click here to view photos and read all about Di’s 2014 ‘Madrid & Portugal Delights‘ escorted tour, which included a wonderful river cruise and some delicious food.

Treasures of Spain

Cathi Burnett-Cosgrove was fortunate enough to escort a fabulous small group tour to Spain, read all their experience on a tapas tour of Madrid here!

Europe’s Finest

In May 2014, Anne Bourke escorted our ‘Europe’s Finest’ tour, showcasing some of Europe’s most amazing sites. Read all about it here.

Scotland & Norway

In May 2014, Cathi Burnett-Cosgrove had the pleasure of escorting a small group to discover the Celt & Viking tales of Scotland and Norway. Read all about it here.