Recent Destinations

European Adventure

Lonnie recently went to Europe for her honeymoon where she travelled all over Europe. Click here to read all about her trip!

In Pursuit of the Northern Lights

In Pursuit of the Northern Lights 2019

Cathi had the absolute please of escorting a fantastic group of travellers to Norway in January 2019 to see the Northern Lights and experience the Sami culture. Click here to read all about their trip!

Croatia & Slovenia


Emma recently had the pleasure of exploring Croatia and Slovenia with Globus Tours. Read all about it by clicking here!

Mystical Morocco

Mystical Morocco

Travelling to Morocco during the Spring is a sight to behold – the dark outline of the High Atlas Mountains, lush and fertile valleys, and so much more. Click here to read all about it!

Southern Italy

Courtney Southern Italy

Courtney has had the fortune to experience Rome & Southern Italy on a luxury coach tour! Click here to read more about her love for Italy.

Secrets of Italy

Secrets of Italy 2017

Cathi recently escorted a group of travellers to discover the Secrets of Italy. Click here to read more!

Northern Lights

Northern Lights_Recent destinations

Cathi recently travelled to Norway and Sweden in the hope of witnessing the incredible Northern Lights. Click here to read more!

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