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The minute you step off the plane, you can feel there is something different. You’re still in Australia, but the wind is hotter, and the atmosphere omits a certain feeling that you would get as if you were in a museum.  You know there is an history just waiting to be found; one that surpasses …


Shanae spent 6 amazing days in beautiful Fiji – read all about it here!

Lord Howe Island

Kay had the pleasure of escorting some our lovely Travelling Ladies to Lord Howe Island in March. Read about this amazing destination here!

Colorado’s best ski resorts

Colorado is home to some of the most amazing and opulent ski resorts in the world. Alan was lucky enough to experience it all first hand, click here to read about his experiences!

Secrets of Sri Lanka

Cathi recently had the pleasure of escorting a fantastic group to explore the Secrets of Sri Lanka. Read about their adventures here!

Wonders & Delights of Turkey

Ruth has recently returned from a great escorted tour exploring the Wonders and Delights of Turkey. Read all about their trip here!


Brooke has just returned from a great trip in Turkey! Read all about her adventures, as well as some tips & tricks for this incredible destination by clicking here!

Canada & Alaska

Read about Gary’s trip to Canada & Alaska, including a great 7-night cruise with Holland America, by clicking here!

Italy & Croatia

Cathi has recently returned from escorting a great group of people, discovering the Secrets of Italy and Croatia. Read the highlights of their experience here.

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