4 reasons we love exploring Britain by Rail

Best time to travel: the nicest time to visit tends to be the summer months – no matter when you go, don’t forget a raincoat! Long sunny days are a staple of summer, but snowy landscapes or turning leaves make for a beautiful sight, so consider what you might like to see.

Currency: Great British Pound (note that Scottish pounds are slightly different looking but accepted in most areas of the UK regardless)

Climate: much the same as Tasmania (though a few degrees colder on average)

Time Zone: GMT (AEDT – 11 hours)

Britain is host to one of the greatest rail networks in the world. There is so much to see and do in London, that travellers often forget about what lies further afield. Whether you have been to the UK once or a dozen times, consider travelling out into the country. It’s easier than you might imagine!

There are around 20 different train operators in Britain, and not all tickets are transferable, so ensure that you get an up to date timetable from the stations or company websites.

  1. Great Value

Explore further and enjoy the flexibility of tailoring your holiday to your needs.

No expensive flights and last minute premiums on tickets, you can explore from the very south of England to the very tip of Scotland on your own time and for a fraction of the price of buying individual tickets.

Stay in one ‘hub’ for a few days, unpack and get comfortable, then explore the surrounding area day by day using the rail network. You are in control.

The trains operate regularly all around Britain, so aside from some busy holiday periods, there is no need to book your train in advance. Enjoy extra time to indulge and experience authentic Britain and unearth the regional highlights.

The only luggage restrictions are what you can carry, so feel free to go a little crazy on the souvenirs (just remember that your airline will charge you if you go over your baggage limit).

  1. Beautiful way to see the countryside

Travelling Britain by train evokes romantic images of lush green countryside, quaint villages, and pulling into the grand architecture of historic railway stations.

Travelling by rail can also provide a more relaxed experience than hiring a car. No more worries about unfamiliar road rules, parking, and the dreaded navigation. You can just sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery.

The landscapes are beautiful and varied, and you can see them all from up high, above the hedges and stone walls. There are 16,000kms of railway around Britain, so you don’t have to miss a thing!

  1. Convenience

Air travel often requires upwards of half a day travel, even just for a flight that is an hour and a half. Getting to the airport, checking in, the dreaded wait at the gate, then the flight, and all the messing around on the other side – it’s exhausting!

Trains in Britain are frequent and easy. This is one of the quickest ways to travel across Britain. Train stations all around Britain are centrally located, so it’s as easy as jumping on board, finding your seat and sitting back to enjoy the view as Britain rolls past. Most attractions are less than an hour away from the ‘main hubs’ and there is so much to see on the way through. Even London to Edinburgh is only 4.5 hours.

Rail stations are well located and there are plenty of departures throughout the day to suit your travel plans.

  1. Comfort!

Arrive at your destination relaxed and ready to explore. Trains don’t require trying to find a park, or trying to navigate unfamiliar places, or any traffic jams. There is no turbulence, you have plenty of leg room and you can move around as you please. There are generally lots of power points and Wi-Fi, and you don’t have to arrive hours in advance or line up in long queues for security or checking in.

If you need some time to recharge, seek out a quiet carriage and get some work done (or a quick snooze) in peace.

Choose from standard or first class for your journey. While standard class is perfectly comfortable, first class provides you with even more space with more leg room and extra wide seats with fewer seats than standard class, and more luggage room. You will also often receive complimentary food and beverages, first class lounge access, free Wi-Fi and complimentary newspapers.

There are also benefits to the environment, as trains are more energy efficient than planes or cars.

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