Rose in Singapore and the Maldives

I recently spent a few nights in Singapore followed by a week in the Maldives for my honeymoon!


I really enjoyed Singapore, it is such a clean, safe and well thought out city. We enjoyed a food walking tour tasting all the local dishes at the Hawkers Markets. We also did a bike riding tour which was a great way to see Singapore as it’s all flat, safe and you can cover more distance on a bike. I’d also highly recommend visiting Gardens by the Bay at night for the light show and a drink at one of their many renowned bars, especially if you can overlook the city!


We enjoyed the Maldives for the sunshine, extremely warm water and sea life. The Maldives were warm and calm with plenty of sunshine and great diving! We loved diving each morning and my favourite part was watching the huge, majestic Manta Rays. If you are a bit wary of diving off atolls into deeper water where the larger marine creatures live, snorkelling around the bungalows or straight off the beach is heaps of fun too. You can see an abundance of marine life including little reef sharks and schools of smaller tropical fish, the colour and diversity is amazing. The Maldives are the perfect place to spend afternoons relaxing on the beach, in the sunshine with a book and eventually, a cocktail at the bar.

We enjoyed the Club Med experience because it gave us the honeymoon we imagined – everything included and no extra hassles when we got there. We got to sit back, relax and enjoy our time together. I’d highly recommend the over-water bungalows at Kani Island as it’s a resort within itself with a private reception, bar, lounge, beach and yoga sessions, plus more.

If you’re after a warm relaxing destination where the water is 28 degrees and the island resort is just like the postcard, then the Maldives is the perfect place!

Rose, Travel Specialist Hobart