Sean’s Tailored Tour of the ‘Golden Triangle’ – India

India has long been a destination I’ve craved to go. Shrouded in mystery and mysticism, it is a place where I’ve always believed people go to discover something. It certainly did not disappoint.

Explore and Adventure World facilitated the most wonderful journey. I embarked on a ‘Tailored Tour’ which took me through the well walked path of The Golden Triangle – made up of the three ancient cities; Delhi, Jaipur and Agra.  

This tour was exactly what I was looking for in every way. The most important thing for me was that this was not just to a busy, touristy trip filled with ‘cookie-cutter’ experiences. My experience was the opposite, I felt that I was really able to acquaint myself with these three cities in India in an authentic way.

I stayed in unique accommodation, where I heard fascinating stories about royal families of the past. I enjoyed great food, including genuine and delicious street food, shared stories, our laughter being absorbed into the noisy hustle and bustle of the markets of Old Town Delhi, saw merchants touting their wares in these crowded bazaars, wandered and got lost in the colourful winding streets of Jaipur and surrounding towns. I came across narrow streets filled with soothsayers and prankster kids and marvelled at the ancient architectural wonders and hundreds of years of history surrounding me. India is such a rich and vibrant destination that really captures your heart and mind. I can’t think of anything I would change about this trip.

If you love visiting places that are ancient, gritty, colourful and real, India is the perfect place to go.

– Sean, Travel Specialist – Hobart

For more information about India please contact Sean in our Hobart office, and he will be very happy to share his photos and travel experiences.