Gary Woodland

Launceston • Travel Specialist

Launceston Manager

Phone Direct:  03 6215 8714



Year started in travel

What interests you about travel?
Cruises, shopping, history, resorts… the unknown.

What is your favourite destination?
Egypt. The many ancient sites/ruins this country has to offer, will leave even the non history buff in awe. Most notably Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temple, Pyramids of Giza, Kom Ombo Temple are still in perfect condition .Abu Simbel, is a must see for all travellers to Egypt, the initial construction was not only amazing, and you wonder how did the early Egyptians know that a precise cut in the sandstone of the great hall would reflect the early morning suns rays on 22 February and 22 October down the entire length of the back wall where the statues of four gods are seated, but what is harder to comprehend is how the Temples were reconstructed piece by piece and in perfect condition to higher ground when the flooding of the dam occurred. I guarantee you will leave Egypt wanting more did they construct it, how did they know the suns rays project precisely to a certain spot and most importantly what happened to civilisation??

I have travelled to….
18 countries in Europe, USA incl Alaska and Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Vanuatu, Bali, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, UAE, Tonga, Fiji.

Favourite travel tip?
‘If you see it, you like buy it’ as you may never be back here again.

What’s your dream destination?
Two come to mind.  Antarctica. Cruising to this unspoilt continent should be a must for all avid travellersat least once in their lifetime to see the natural beauty and the wildlife in their natural habitat.

The second dream destination on my bucket list is a Safari in South Africa, visiting Chobe and Kruger National Parks. Game drives and seeing the big 5 at close range is what dreams are made of.