RELAX – simply pack your bags for a true holiday experience as you leave all the organisation and planning to us. Escorted touring is the ultimate stress free way to travel. Enjoy your experience with a group of like-minded travellers and get the most out of your holiday without the worry of getting there.

In 2010 Andrew Jones Travel launched our own range of group tours. So what sets us apart?

1. Personally handcrafted

Our tours are personally handcrafted by our experienced escorts and consultants. They are entirely unique, with the emphasis on your experience. They are designed to make your travel dreams a reality.

We spend well over six months planning each itinerary; researching the finest details and negotiating the best rates to keep the costs down. The hotels we stay in are local and authentic, individually chosen by position, facilities and comfort, rather than contracts, rates and commissions. The experiences are unique, our local connections strong – from cooking classes to local storytellers.

Our tours were designed to omit the drawbacks of some of the large companies – with a relaxed pace and no unnecessary early morning starts; you have the time to really take in your surroundings with a small, intimate group of people. Eat in local restaurants, not in the big tourist restaurants and stay in local accommodation that reflects the character of the area.

We ensure a good balance of sightseeing and free time so there is no frustration of feeling too organised – you are free to do as little or as much as you want. We stay in some places for up to 5 nights and minimise one night stays so that you can soak in the atmosphere of a destination.

This ensures that you are treated to a very special, truly unique experience. Each of our tour guides has a wealth of knowledge in the areas we visit, and understand every detail intimately.

2. Small Group sizes

Our group sizes range from 12-22, allowing us to take the coaches that can fit down country lanes, the ones that can stop off in tiny towns, the ones that feel like you are in a car – but with much more room!

You will share experiences with like-minded people and come back with new friends.

You will meet your group before you go at an event outlining the final details of your trip. This means that when you set off, you feel as though you are travelling with a large group of friends, rather than on a formal and stuffy escorted tour.

Most of our guests are Tasmanians, allowing you the opportunity to catch up socially after your trip if you wish. While it is always nice to share stories with your family and friends, reminiscing upon experiences with those who were there can transport you back in a moment.

3. Set your own pace

We know that people’s preferences for travel are different, and we offer a more personalised and spontaneous experience with more attention to the interests of individuals. Some wish for a great deal of independence, while still having a group to meet for dinner. Some prefer to travel and share their experiences in groups. We cater for it all. Travelling with an Andrew Jones Travel escorted tour gives you the security of travelling within a group, with as much independence as you wish.

Imagine driving through the countryside to discover a small local market or festival that you would like to explore. On most coach tours, you would experience this crammed against the windows on one side of the bus as you drive past. On an AJT tour, we have the freedom to get out, become a part of the local community, stretch your legs and enjoy these experiences at a leisurely pace.

Feel like kicking back and enjoying the view with a book while the group explores? That’s fine too – we will check in with you every now and then, but the day can be your own!

4. Authentic Experiences

We aim to experience a destination – not just visit.

We embark on adventures that we cannot do when we travel alone – our groups have been let into the Sistine Chapel before everyone else; we visit vineyards and cideries not open to the general public; we enjoy exclusive performances special to the destination; we attend local events; take part in cooking classes; and anything that will really get to the heart of a destination.

We eat in restaurants with locals, not where most large coach tour groups eat.

Accommodation is in keeping with the areas we visit – Paradores in Spain, pubs in the UK, colonial hotels in Sri Lanka, and luxury permanent tents in Africa.

5. We know you.

From dietary requests to religious requirements, we take the effort to get to know our guests. We understand your apprehensions and your anticipations. Our tours take in to account the diversity of individuals and how each person understands the concept of ‘experiencing a destination’ differently.

Late starts and long lunches; meeting the locals; staying in authentic accommodation. This all comes with the security of a tour escort and travelling with people of like mind. Not a worry in sight – your tour escort can take care of it all.

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