by Emily MacLeod, October 2014

Edwin and I flew into Auckland and got to meet our tour guides and all the other people on the tour. Had a fabulous celebration with food, wine, traditional Mauri dances and had a performance from Stan Walker, a singer from New Zealand.

We did a lot of travelling over the North Island including Auckland, Taupo and Matamata which was great to do in a coach with a big group of people.

I experienced my first bungy jump over the Taupo river – definitely a must do!

One of our favourite destination was visiting the Hobbits in Hobbiton where we got to have a private tour of the set along with a beautiful buffet at the Green Dragon dressed as Hobbits.

The weather wasn’t on our side but luckily we did a lot of water activities so it didn’t stop us! The Huka falls Jet managed to get us more soaked than the rain but the scenery made it well worth it.

Accomplishing the world’s largest white water rafting waterfall was a bit of a rush – one of the many thrilling things that was ticked off my bucket list! This is something that is a must do in New Zealand. A great way to see what the country has to offer.

The early starts were well worth it for this trip and I would definitely go back as there’s still so much more to do!