Cathi Burnett-Cosgrove

Hobart • Travel Specialist

Year started in travel

What interests you about travel?
Experiencing the culture of a destination through food, wine, music, history and arts. I love working with my clients and discovering what they really want to achieve on their holiday.  It’s about turning dreams into reality.

What is your favourite destination?
Tricky.  It would possibly come down to Spain for its tradition and foods and Ireland/UK for history scenery and the local people. 

I have travelled to….
Europe, Maldives, Asia, USA, Canada, South America, South Pacific, UAE

Favourite travel tip?
Pack light and expect the unexpected!

What’s your dream destination?
It can vary between buzzing cities to quiet villages.  From tropical warmth to Scandic winters. Travel rejuvenates.  From the exploratory to the relaxing on the beach.  The style and destination are dependent on the moment in time.