Spain & Bordeaux - Cathi Burnett-Cosgrove

by Cathi Burnett-Cosgrove, September 2017

We are privileged to walk the very soil that both kings and pilgrims trod before us

As we wander through castles, chateaux and wooded lanes

Dreams become a joyous reality

As our palates delight in delicacies of both food and wine

Ancient skies adorned with billowing clouds

Criss-crossed with vapour trails of modern times

Cornfields whisper secrets to the passer by who chances to stop and listen

Villagers quietly observe the contemporary traveller

We cannot help but be enlightened by the pleasures of exploration…

In September, Cathi and her guests travelled to Northern Spain and Bordeaux to absorb the thrill of the Basque Regatta, cook at the Gastronomic Society, and cruise the waterways of Bordeaux. Our last three nights we were treated to the day to day life in a small French village whilst staying in a private chateau.

Not only a successful tour but an experience of a lifetime!