In Pursuit of the Northern Lights 2019

by Cathi Burnett-Cosgrove, February 2019

We left Australia on a hot Summer’s day and arrived into Oslo blanketed in heavy snow…

This was just the beginning of a magical experience; I could go so far as to say it was a surreal experience and one that will long stay with each guest.

The Northern Lights were spectacular!  We were all transported to another world. We stood mesmerised throughout many nights as we watched the lights dance across the sky.

This tour gave us a great insight into the Sami culture. We were enthralled by the history the Stone Age in Norway and were surprised by the lifestyle of the Vikings.

We drove both snow mobiles and husky teams. We shared the warmth of open fires as we laughed and enjoyed the conversation of fellow travellers.  We caught and feated on King Crabs.

Often our eyelids were heavy with ice as we braved up to -40C Celsius.

The sunrises and sunsets were spectacular and Lapland gave us constant colour. The red skies both morning and night, the darkness of day and evening, the light of the full moon reflecting on freshly fallen snow and then the Northern Lights – the green, pink and gold.

Oh what an experience! A delight. An amazing adventure full of surprises.

At the end of the tour, I was given a card and I believe the words written by one of my guests is a beautiful summary of our tour…


In appreciation

Your communication with the snow gods has provided us all with images and experiences that will we will remember forever

The silence of the forest

The flurry of falling snow

White cities interspersed by red havens to form shelter from the cold 

 Tall and narrow spuces that carry the heavy burden and yet still stand tall

While bush like junipers support bags of snow on their wide shoulders…

Thank you

– Sandie